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The Artistic Statement
Dan Groth creates dream-like tableaus of mystery and subtle humor which explore the contrast between microcosm and macrocosm, as well as the passage of time. The result is what could be an illustration of dream, or at least a very strange book. This style of art has allowed Dan to explore the tension between the minute and the grand; using small components to construct a larger piece of art, much like a small rock makes up one part of a massive boulder field. Recently, he has expanded his repertoire to include watercolors and collage, and is currently experimenting in print-making. He has been exploring narrative through the use of covers of imaginary books, and posters for fake movies. His current goal is to combine this thrust for narrative with his dreamy style. Be sure to visit Dan Groth's Instagram Page for updates and sketches. And check out this
front-page article on him from DGO Magazine

The Bio
Dan Groth was born and raised within the vicinity of Boulder/Longmont, CO, in the savagely-named, yet sleepy, community of Gunbarrel. He was active in the Boy Scouts and eventually went to Luther College in Decorah, IA, where he studied archaeology and pursued various creative endeavors. After graduating with a B.A. In 1998, he touched down in Durango, CO—his off-and-on home for most of his years—with the exception of a 6-year stint in Portland, OR (2004-10). He has had numerous solo shows, as well as participated in numerous group shows.