• "Insect Footprints" solo show 2021.

    "Insect Footprints" solo show 2021.

    Delayed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this show had multiple parts: the pieces which contributed to the Funny Pages, which born directly from the early pandemic experience; a series of ink brush pieces which somewhat mimicked the seemingly nonsensical of the cartoons in the Funny Pages; and a series of watercolors--3 of which were made after the original 2020 show was to debut.

  • Durango Arts Center Juried Show. June 1, 2018

    Durango Arts Center Juried Show. June 1, 2018

    My collaged watercolor, "Firebird" was accepted into the Durango Arts Center 2018 juried show, curated by Josie Lopez, curator of 516 Art in Albuquerque, NM.

  • Closing Down Southwest Sound, July 15th, 2018

    Closing Down Southwest Sound, July 15th, 2018

    I was a full-time employee during the closing of Durango's only record store, Southwest Sound, which had been around in some form since the late 1970s. The last month in business was punctuated by a massive fire just North of town which enshrouded the valleys with thick smoke every night and morning. The usual tourist season never occurred, and downtown Durango felt like ghost town. Technology has changed throughout my life and an old-fashioned record store is becoming a rarity due to streaming and downloads. It was a moving, emotionally-taxing experience to be intimately involved in the passing of an institution which meant so much to so many people. Times change, but some losses loom larger than others.

  • Willowtail Springs Preserve Group Show, Durango Arts Center, Sep 29, 2017

    Willowtail Springs Preserve Group Show, Durango Arts Center, Sep 29, 2017

    All artists who had been a resident at Willowtail Springs Preserve near Mancos, CO were invited to contribute three pieces to this group show in the Durango Arts Center main gallery. I used the opportunity to represent my three main styles of art--pen-and-ink, watercolor, and collage.

  • Sweet 11 Solo Show! June 9, 2017 Durango, CO

    Sweet 11 Solo Show! June 9, 2017 Durango, CO

    Solo Show featuring all new art, including all of the prints made during the week-long residency at Bedrock 'Editions in Kansas City.
    Also includes a number of experimental watercolors, and small pen-and-inks.

  • Residency at Bedrock Editions, KC, MO. February 5-10, 2017.

    Residency at Bedrock Editions, KC, MO. February 5-10, 2017.

    Using a microgrant from the Durango Arts Center, I spent 5 days in Kansas City, MO working with Tamarind Master Printer Aaron Shipps at his printshop. Bedrock Editions. With his assistance, I created 4 monotypes and 4 lithographs, (done on one stone). Aaron is a damn good friend and one helluva printer and we look forward to many more collaborations.

  • Dan Groth and Crystal Hartman at the Entrada Gallery, Durango Arts Center Oct-Dec 2016

    Dan Groth and Crystal Hartman at the Entrada Gallery, Durango Arts Center Oct-Dec 2016

    My artist friend Crystal Hartman and I shared the inaugural show in the Entrada Gallery at the Durango Arts Center. It was a boatload of fun, and I get to show off some old favorites as well as some new ones.

  • Fake Movie Poster Show: Raider Ridge Cafe

    Fake Movie Poster Show: Raider Ridge Cafe

    A sudden opening for a show at Raider Ridge prompted me to make a series of movie posters based on non-existent movies that popped into my head. I used sharpies and paint markers on construction paper. It was fun.

  • Durango Arts Center Microgrant Recipient

    Durango Arts Center Microgrant Recipient

    I applied for, and received, a $500 microgrant from the Durango Arts Center for me to travel to Kansas City, MO in fall 2016 to collaborate on a print with printer Aaron Shipps, who is just getting his fine art print shop Bedrock Editions off the ground.

  • Artist Residency at Willowtail Springs, near Mancos, CO

    Artist Residency at Willowtail Springs, near Mancos, CO

    I had a fabulous week at the beautiful Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve July 12-18 2016. I did much work on a new collage, and hours of amazing practice in drawing and sketching. It was a transformative experience which has helped me reorient my life towards being a Capital-P "Professional" artist in the near future.

  • So Far, a 5-Person Show at Studio & February 2015

    So Far, a 5-Person Show at Studio & February 2015

    After much experimentation, I debuted my collages at this "very special" art show featuring Tim Kaputska, Shay Lopez, Dan Garner, and Tom Kipp, all of whom graduated from high school in 1994 and have reached/neared the milestone of being 40 years old this year. February 2016. It was a fabulous time, and I got to read, in front of a large audience, selections from my first two journals spanning the first 6 months of 1994.

  • Solo Show at Raider Ridge Cafe, May 2015

    Solo Show at Raider Ridge Cafe, May 2015

    A solo show at Raider Ridge Cafe 509 E. 8th Ave. Durango, CO. All, (but 2) new works, mostly watercolors, the new lithograph produced in collaboration with Aaron Shipps, and numerous pen-and-inks. Mid-April through June 1, 2015.

  • Artist Residency

    Artist Residency

    I will be spending the entire month of July in Portland, Oregon doing a self-directed artist residency.
    I will be committing to at least 40 hours of art-related work each week. Included will be full-time studio work furthering my work in pen-and-ink, watercolor, acrylic, and possibly other media; printing out higher-quality versions of zines previously only photocopied and stapled; getting t-shirts made; performing Eagle Scout: a One-Man Play, and possibly co-directing a short film; and approaching local galleries about showing my work.
    I intend to create a full proposal and apply for a micro-grant at the Durango Arts Center to cover a portion of the costs.
    This is a very exciting thing for me and I hope it expands my creative boundaries and opens up doors for new opportunities.

  • Eagle Scout: a One-Man Play

    I have written a play and will be performing it this Thursday, Jan 23rd in downtown Durango at the Animas Trading Co.
    This is a tragicomic soliloquoy, written and performed by myself, wherein I dress up in my full Boy Scout uniform and experience a vast array of emotions while listening to an old mix tape. It will make you laugh, but you may even weep like a child.


    --Crash Music Solo Show Aztec, NM, opening September 27th.

    --One of 6 selected for the Studio & yearly Group Show , July 14th.

    --KDUR Furniture as Art Auction. Durango, CO--Assisted with KDUR staff live auction piece, and donated a piece for the silent auction.

    --Studio & “Year” themed Group Show, February.

    --Raider Ridge Café group Miniature show (numerous pieces) February

    --Raider Ridge Café Solo Show, January.


    --Crash Music Juried Show, Aztec, CO. 2 pieces submitted, “Horse Volume” selected for the People’s Choice award.

    --Studio & Day of the Dead Group Show, October.

    --Beulahland Restaurant and Lounge, Portland, OR; August through October.

    --“Victory Camera: Featuring the work of Dan Groth” at Sideshow Emporium and Gallery.Dolores, CO. May through July.

    --KDUR Furniture as Art Auction Fundraiser: Durango, CO March. Donated a piece for live auction.

    --Studio & “Previously Titled” Group Show. Durango, CO. February.

    --Lost Dog Restaurant Fairy Tale themed group show. February

    --Lost Dog Restaurant, Solo Show Durango, CO. January. Comprised mostly of work from the last two years.


    --Artichoke Gallery, Portland, OR. November. With Allison Dewilde.

    --Ice Cube Gallery Icebreaker 2.0, Denver, CO, January. Group show featuring work selected and juried by an assistant curator of the Museum for Contemporary Art in Denver. Three pieces submitted and selected for the show. icecubegallery.com/


    --Beulahland Restaurant and Lounge, Portland, OR, July. Large show with Allison Dewilde.

    --Stumptown Coffee on Division St. Solo Show., Portland, OR, June. Nationally-known Portland café, featuring high-quality art shows.


    --Colosso, Portland, OR with Allison Dewilde. November.

    --Beulahland, Portland, OR. September. numerous pieces in group show .


    --Beulahland, Portland, OR. July. Show with Josh Williams and Sam Dresselhaus.


    --Bridges Café Solo Show. Portland, OR. May.


    --The Buzz House, Durango, CO. Group show.

    --Western Spirit Juried Art Show, Cheyenne WY. One piece selected,..and one of 5 artists to participate in “Quick Draw” live art event. www.oldwestmuseum.org/westernSpirit/art…


    --The Buzz House, Durango, CO. Solo show, September.

    --Western Spirit Juried Art Show, Cheyenne, WY. March.


    --Farmington Daily-News Receptions Show Off Artwork at Crash Music and Feat of Clay by Hannah Grover. October 3, 2013
    "Groth's artwork forces the viewer to take a second look. What might initially look like an owl morphs into a cat at a second glance."

    --Durango Herald Look-both-ways-for-6-pack-of-artists by Ted Holteen. July 11th 2013.
    "Groth has had several successful solo shows in recent years as his fantasy-inspired pen-and-ink drawings have a inexplicable charm and draw."

    --Durango Herald Hot Ticket: More than 20 artists participate in KDUR Furniture as Art Auction by Ted Holteen. March 25th, 2013.
    "...The staff members painted the shelves, and artist and KDUR board member Dan Groth put the finishing touches on the unique and surprisingly quality item."

    --Durango Herald Do You Want Art with That? Raider Ridge Cafe Gives Southsiders a Creative Showplace By Ted Holteen. February 14, 2013

    --Durango Herald What's He Thinking? By Ted Holteen.
    January 17th, 2012
    "(Dan Groth's art) is a combination of fantasy, darkness, humor and satire done with skill and precision but with enough of a human touch to erase any doubt they’re freehand compositions."

    --Durango Herald Livening Up Day of the Dead by Margaret Hedderman. October 25, 2011.
    "There is no rhyme or reason here, only a sublime collection of off-the-wall, bizarre works from local artists...A lemon-yellow portrait of John Denver, Ronald McDonald and a Chickadee by Dan Groth hangs next to mutilated Barbie dolls re-imagined as kachina spirit dancers by Kima Wells."


    I have been part of self-written plays and spoken-word performances through the years

    On Sunday the 29th--at the Sideshow Gallery and Emporium in Dolores, CO-- I debuted a solo performance of the self-written play "Eagle Scout: the One-Man Play" wherein I play a bitter Eagle Scout looking back on his life while playing an old mix tape.
    "...funny but verklempt, bardically-presented story-cycle about memory, expectation, music, hope and disappointment"--Heather Narwid, owner of the Sideshow.


    --Durango High School Visiting Artist, Winter 2013. Presented and assisted in-class in a DHS advanced drawing class, then organized an art show for the students using the art created while I was a resident.

    --Curator of monthly "Southside Artisans Guild" art shows at Raider Ridge cafe. in Durango. Organizing solo and group shows for small cafe.

    --KDUR DJ and former board member (2000, 2002-4, 2011-present. Board member from Sep. 2012 til Sep 2013). Host of popular 2-hour show on community radio station. Participated in decision-making and station-management as board member.

    --Member of recording and touring band, The Pink Snowflakes 2005-9. Played bass for psychedelic rock band in Portland, OR. Helped in CD design and poster-creation, as well as song-writing and recording. Participated in two West Coast tours and opened for such national recording acts as the Black Angels.

    --Editor/writer/artist for Voice be Heard, a submission-based newspaper with a 3-issue run 2003-4. Contributed creative writing, illustrations, and editorial skills. Procured quality submissions.

    --Co-writer/Performer of Eagle Scout: a One-Act Play with Aaron Shipps. Originating with a solo performance by myself (to be updated and performed summer '13) in 2003, Shipps and I expanded the play to be a comi-tragic farce wherein two full-grown men in their Boy Scout uniforms come to terms with their failures in life, and learn some New Age lessons in the process.

    --Eagle Scout received in 1994.


    Luther College: Decorah, IA, class of ’98.
    BA in Anthropology with minor in Art.

    --Graduated Cum Laude with GPA of 3.61, Regents Scholar,

    --Pen-and-ink landscape published in yearly Oneota Review, 1996.

    --Active in school newspaper,Luther College Chips, as writer, illustrator, and cartoonist. Created a one-panel cartoon, (a la "The Far Side"), in '94-'95, and "The Adventures of Satan", in 1997.

    --Worked as an artifact illustrator in the anthropology lab, 1994-5.